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Weight loss


If you are anything like me you've tried all things to lose weight and just feel better in your skin. I was probably 12 the first time I started trying to lose weight, and let me tell you I did it all wrong, for so long! Literally decades (2) learning, and trying things, and struggling the whole time. Did I ask for help? Of course not. But through years of research and so much trial and error, I finally learned that if you don't get your mindset right nothing is going to truly work and even if you do lose weight, your mindset can still stop you from really feeling amazing being YOU. It is my absolute joy to help women who have been through the same struggle as me finally win at weight loss and more than lose weight, feel absolutely amazing in your body.

How can RTT help with weight loss?

At the core of every issue there are beliefs that we have formed, through our experiences, our feelings, what we have heard from our own inner critic, and other people as well. With RTT we uncover those beliefs, so we can understand them, and why we came up with them.


That understanding alone frees you from forever repeating behaviours and patterns that no longer serve you.

Then we can program in new phenomenal beliefs that will support you and help you feel amazing, and fired up to make and keep healthy changes.

Over a course of 3 sessions we uncover what is holding you back, program new phenomenal beliefs, create a mindset that fires you up instead of sabotaging your efforts, then we lock in these changes and create the life you truly desire through the power of your mind.

With this specialty program you also get 3 bespoke recordings and support from me all the way. I cant wait to help you!

Weight loss program

Checking Weight

Session 1

The first step towards phenomenal change is uncovering what has been holding you back, and how you got here. We will get to the root of it, understand it, and then set you free, installing new phenomenal beliefs. You will receive your personal recording to listen to for 21 days to lock in these changes.

On the Scales

Session 2

Now that you are free from your old beliefs, now we can work on changing your old habits, and with the help of your powerful mind create the habits and the mindset 

Happy Traveler

Session 3

Now that you are free from what held you back, and we created the powerful changes in habits and mindset, this session uses the power of the mind to  command the weight to stay off for good, using cell command therapy.

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