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Privacy Policy

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All interactions which take place in the setting of Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) are considered confidential. This includes phone calls, email correspondence, Zoom / video calls and any / all other interactions with Alecia Fraser.

All RTT session content, records and any client notes Alecia Fraser takes are considered confidential. All client information that is recorded will be stored electronically and encrypted with password protection.

Alecia Fraser will keep brief notes from your sessions. These notes are all kept electronically and are encrypted with password protection, or paper notes locked and secured with no names on the files.

It is Alecia Fraser’s commitment to never disclose that you are a client to anyone. If you require Alecia Fraser to share any information, you must provide written permission in order for Alecia Fraser to release any specific information about you.

Alecia Fraser will keep basic information such as your name, age, address, email, phone number on file, purely as a means of contacting you for RTT sessions and related practices.

Alecia Fraser will keep your next of kin / medical professional details on file. This information is only to be used in the event that Alecia Fraser professionally deems you to be at risk in any capacity. Alecia Fraser will only contact your nominated next of kin / medical professional if she is required to. In the event that she needs to contact your nominated person/s, Alecia Fraser will formally notify you if/ when necessary.

Alecia Fraser will not sell your data or use it for unethical reasons. Alecia Fraser may have to share your data if her notes are subpoenaed by court or if you or anyone you tell Alecia Fraser about is at harm or, at risk of harm.

All of Alecia Fraser’s client information is stored electronically and encrypted with password protection. Your phone number(s) may be kept in Alecia Fraser’s business mobile phone with your first name and last initial. Only Alecia Fraser has access to your information.


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