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Mind-Body Reset Package

Everything you need to master weight loss mindset.

Service Description

Rapid Transformation Therapy three month weight loss mindset program This package includes: -one coaching session to prepare the path to phenomenal weight loss mindset. -session 1 - a full phenomenal RTT session to eliminate old mindset patterns and beliefs. Here we will remove the obstacles and free you from what is holding you back. For he next 21 days you'll listen to your bespoke recording to lock in your new mindset and your phenomenal changes. Your mind learns by repetition. -session 2 - weight loss mastery - In this session we program every cell in your body and your mind to transform you and lock in amazing new habits and mastery of your weight loss. Like gastric bypass surgery for your mind! Again for the next 21 days you'll listen to your bespoke recording to lock in changes and activate your new life. -session 3 - in this session we really envision the life you are stepping into. Visualization is such a powerful tool for your mind to create all the details of your new amazing life. Followed by your bespoke recording to lock in the powerful changes you've made over this journey and wire in the new you! -follow up chat -email and text support for 3 month. any time you need! I am here to be your biggest cheerleader! Should you have any questions about the session, please book in the strategy call to discuss. I look forward to meeting you!

Contact Details

  • North Vancouver, BC, Canada


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